Q. Why is there a resident initiative to remove Councilor Jackson from office?
A. Many voters in Ward 3 have decided Councilor Jackson can no longer effectively represent them given his on-going failure to play by the rules, and/or want to move past the days when elected officials in Providence are not held accountable for clean, transparent government.

Q. Why is there a special election to recall Councilor Jackson on Tuesday, May 2?
A. Over 2380 registered voters of Ward 3, more than 10% of the voters, signed a petition to force a recall vote.  The petition was conducted per the Providence Code of Ordinances, the City Charter, and state law.   Upon successful completion of the petition, as confirmed by the Board of Canvassers, the City Council set the date of the recall vote for May 2.

Q. Why should Jackson be recalled if he hasn’t been convicted of a crime?
A. Voters decide on who will represent them by holding elected office; voters are not being asked to decide on punishment for a crime.

Holding elected office is a responsibility, not a right. If you believe we deserve better representation than someone who has been charged by a grand jury with felonies, if you believe Jackson has brought dishonor to the City Council and the people of Ward 3, if you believe he cannot effectively represent our neighborhoods while facing a criminal trial, or have any other reason that in your opinion disqualifies him, you can feel comfortable voting “yes” to remove Jackson from office.

Our city councilor is an elected official, and this election is another opportunity to decide who will represent us.  So even if you simply believe someone else would do a better job representing our Ward, you should vote “yes” to remove Jackson from office.

Q. Who will replace Councilor Jackson once he is removed from office?
A. After a city councilor is recalled (removed) from office, a special election is set to vote on who should replace him.  The Recall Kevin Jackson campaign is not affiliated with any candidate to replace Councilor Jackson.

Q. Who is behind the Recall Kevin Jackson campaign?
The campaign was initiated entirely by residents of Ward 3, and is an all-volunteer effort.  The large majority of our donors are Ward 3 residents, and those who aren’t from the ward are Rhode Island residents who are supportive of any effort that will give our city and state the clean government we all deserve.  Unlike Councilor Jackson, we follow all campaign finance reporting regulations, and submit required reports to the Board of Elections.

Q. Am I in Ward 3?

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