Removal by recall

Sec. 2-43. – Removal by recall.

The following procedure for the declarations of intent and for the removal by recall of elected officials in accordance with Section 208 of the Providence Home Rule Charter of 1980, is hereby adopted.

  1. Forms for the declaration of intent and for the recall of elected officials shall be drafted, printed and provided by the board of canvassers. The recall petition forms shall have printed on said form, “Name, Address and Ward.”
  2. Upon validation of the petitions for declaration of intent to recall an elected official, the petitions for recallshall be time-stamped by the board of canvassers upon submission to the persons requesting said petitions.
  3. Signature requirements on declaration of intent and recall petitions shall correspond with the requirements for signatures on nomination papers (Section 17-4-8 of the Election Laws of Rhode Island).
  4. The number shall be calculated using the number of registered voters on the first day of the one hundred twenty (120) day period for collecting signatures on the recall petitions. A person who is a qualified elector at that time and any individual who becomes a qualified elector during the one hundred twenty (120) day period shall be eligible to sign the recall petition.
  5. Forms for recall petition signatures shall not be given out until the declaration of intent has been validated as containing the requisite one thousand (1,000) signatures for recall of the mayor and three hundred (300) as required for a member of the city council. In this respect, the beginning of the one hundred twenty-day period for collecting recall petition signatures shall not begin until the declaration of intent has been validated.

(Ord. No. 1985, Ch. 85-74, § 2, 7-13-85)

Editor’s note— At the discretion of the editor, § 2 of Ch. 85-74, approved July 13, 1985, has been codified as § 2-43. Said ordinance did not amend the Code.

Cross reference— Elections, § 2-296 et seq.