Where and how to vote

Recall Election Day: Tuesday, May 2

Poll Hours: 7AM – 8PM

Check your polling place!  Many voters will have a different polling place for the recall election on Tuesday, May 2nd.  Read more…

Can’t Make it to the polls on May 2?  Need a ride?  You can vote any time before May 2 at City Hall- get important details here.  If you need a ride to the polls, please email us or call 401-374-1270.

The Ballot: The ballot will have a single question, “Shall Kevin Jackson be removed from the office of Ward 3 City Councilman?” Vote “Yes” if you want Jackson removed from office of City Councilor for Ward 3.  (A separate election will be held within 90 days of May 2 to elect a new Councilor for Ward 3).  See a sample ballot here.

Polling Places

All voters are encouraged to check your polling place, especially those who normally vote at a school.  Schools won’t be used as polling places for this special election.

Voters who normally vote at Martin Luther King School will instead vote at the Vincent Brown Recreation Center, which is on Doyle Ave, next to the Y on the corner of Doyle Ave and Hope Street.  Enter on the Doyle Avenue side of 438 Hope St.

Voters who normally vote at the Nathan Bishop school will instead vote at the Church of the Redeemer, as will voters who normally vote at Church of the Redeemer.  Use the rear entrance of the church, at 655 Hope St.

Voters who normally vote at Summit Commons Center will continue to vote at Summit Commons.  Use the front entrance at 99 Hillside Ave.

You can confirm your polling place using the Secretary of State’s website.

Emergency Ballots

If you can’t get to your polling place on Tuesday, May 2, you can cast an “emergency” ballot anytime before 4pm on May 1st.  You can cast an emergency ballot either in person or by mail, although given the short time before May 2 we encourage you to cast your ballot in person if possible.  You can also email or call us at 401-374-1270 if you need a ride to the polls on May 2 or to cast an emergency ballot in person.

In person: Go to the Board of Canvassers at City Hall, 25 Dorrance St, between hours of Monday thru Friday 8:30am to 4:30pm. Don’t forget your ID.

By mail: Complete the emergency ballot application, which you will have to mail in to get your ballot sent to you by return mail.  You will then have to return your ballot by mail.  Given the short time before May 2nd, we encourage all voters to vote in person, either at the Board of Canvassers (see above) or at your polling place.  You can drop off your emergency ballot at the Board of Canvassers if you don’t have time to mail it back (see above).