Why Recall Kevin Jackson?

Ward 3 residents deserve a City Councilor who is committed to honest government and plays by the rules.

Here are some of the many calls for Jackson to resign or be voted out of office:

Why Providence’s Ward 3 residents should vote yes

Recall indicted city politician

Foiling a sleazy political stunt

Fumigating the City Council

Jackson must step down

Corruption festers without disclosure

How can councilman keep his post?

Why Recall Jackson:

Arrested by state police and indicted by a grand jury for embezzling over $127,000 from a youth charity;

Indicted for filing false campaign finance reports and personal use of campaign funds;

Fined by Board of Elections for ignoring campaign finance rules;

Failed to pay over $30,000 in penalties;

Sued his own constituents in an attempt to deny their right to petition;

Refuses to resign despite growing number of calls that he do so.